Monday, July 16, 2007

FDR - Another Smith Tour De Force

Until Jean Edward Smith's biography of FDR came along (his other being the immaculate work on Chief Justice John Marshall), there was nothing interesting that I wanted to post about or read in a long time (last good presidential work I read was Doris Goodwin's Lincoln bio, A Team of Rivals). Then a week ago, I picked up a copy at my trusty Costco book section, after which there was nary a waking moment when I didn't find myself turning each page to see how the story would "unfold"; I just finished it. Another brilliant, insightful work, balanced introspective about the man, and the same time deftly crafts a story of the times that makes FDR so larger than life, not of decades ago, but someone who is immediate, intimate, and continues to impact contemporary events and times.