Friday, March 21, 2008

When All Else Fail, Shout

Swift boating’s officially started. After his race speech, Obama’s now a “reverse” racist. Wonders never cease. Also dismal and depressing.

A Question:

Americans are so funny!! Democrats (as stated in the posts) would rather vote for McCain than Obama even if it means that you loose more men and women in Iraq Even if your economy falls. Even if you can't find jobs or get to remain in the US. Speaking as a proud Caribbean native. We here in the beautiful tropics know that your country is in trouble. How come you all over there can't see it?

An Answer:

At the end of the day, that all goes to conveniently cover over the hard facts that we're 3 trillion peso-dollars in a shattered, flooded bloody red economic hole; 4,000 troops have died for God knows what; households now earn more than a thousand dollars a year less in the 7 years W took office – the first time ever in American history.

It's a typical right-wing scheme which people fall on the sword for time and again. Recall gay marriage or the flag amendment. Or abortion and ban on stem cell research. The GOP did nothing on those "keystone" issues after the elections. It did get them elected. So not surprisingly, the catcalls continue.

When speaking of morality – count the cratefuls of conservative hypocrites and criminals who have been exposed and prosecuted these past 7 years even with W's lame-duck Justice Department.

Or tally how much crap communist China get away with under the guise of free (certainly unfair) markets with W at expense of American consumers and lives.

And now Republicans are for the “Patriot” Act. In just 7 short years, the immemorial conservative mantra of "keeping government out of people's lives" is dead and buried along with Goldwater and Buckley.

Europe was entangled with fascism and Nazism. And I suppose we're bound to have conservative folks who are rightly scared for their families, livelihood, and futures get easily misled into the fire by for all intent and purpose Republican subsidiary Fox Corp, propelling the nation straight into 2nd-rate irrelevance.

There's obviously many a tons to be said about these past 7 years. It’s Obama’s moment to stand up and not be tied down to these emotionally charged and hallow issues. And straight-up continue to tell it like it is and how it's gonna' be with a new sheriff in town.